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Figma landing page UI kit – Free version

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470+ variables and styles

29 Blocks

  • 3 Navbars

  • 3 Headers

  • 2 Hero sections

  • 6 Features sections

  • 3 Testimonials

  • 2 Pricing

  • 3 FAQs

  • 2 CTAs

  • 5 Footer

Latest Figma features

9000+ icons

9000+ icons from Phosphoricons are integrated as components, easily swap them.

Responsive layouts

All blocks are prepared for desktop, tablet, and phone versions, only 2 clicks to quickly adapt your landing page to another breakpoint.

Proven design system

A color system inspired by Material UI 3 with colors and other primitive variables from TailwindCSS. Using TailwindCSS will help your development team to quickly find the variables (colors, radius, spacing...) used.

Developer friendly

We ensured that our components follow a composable architecture, drawing inspiration from the principles of atomic design. They feature straightforward shapes and designs, eliminating complexity for the development team and speeding up iterations.

Customizable in 2 clicks

Updating the palette, radius, typography, breakpoint, and more is just a matter of 2 clicks.

Convert to code, Webflow or Framer 

Easily transform your designs into code, Webflow, or Framer. All components are built with Figma's latest features, including auto-layout, variants, and variables, this ensures a smooth and rapid conversion to create responsive websites in a fraction of the time.

Lifetime updates

Pay once, use forever, get lifetime updates

Who is it for


Design teams

Students / Learners

Solopreneurs / Indiemakers



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